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The Purpose Revolution

A pioneer in emerging work trends, Dr. John Izzo, closing keynote speaker at our 2019 EDGE Summit, shares his insights about the value of purpose to create unparalleled levels of employee engagement and overall performance, and how leaders can begin their journey to embrace purpose to be the best in the world and for the world.


The Spark, The Flame and the Torch: A Toolkit for Inspiring CEOs

Lance shares his insights about inspirational vs. motivational leadership, and the mistakes CEOs make that get in the way of creating inspiring organizations.


Why Healthy CEOs are Inspiring Leaders

Dr. Pawa shares her inspiration to learn about the powerful science of the mind-brain-body connection, and how a wholistic approach to health will improve overall well-being and inspire others to adopt a culture of health within organizations.

Agile Delivery to Agile Organization

Adrian Moise, Founder & CEO of Aequilibrium, speaks about the value of being an agile organization, a powerful approach and culture shift from agile delivery, to ultimately increase the performance of your teams and the value you deliver to your customers.


How Blockchain will Change Society in a Positive Way

Robin Bell, CTO at Long View Systems, breaks down the blockchain process, and shares several examples of why CEOs need to care about this disruptive change.


Cannabis as Disruptor: What CEOs Need to Do About It

Taylor, an associate in the Dentons Vancouver office,  shares his insights about the legalization of cannabis, and how CEOs can respond to ensure that all employees are aware of the rules, the employee/employer obligations, and the potential impact on the workplace.


CEO Disruptors of the Next Decade

Dalibor Petrovic, who leads Deloitte’s Technology Advisory practice in Western Canada, shares key insights into why technology is vital for organizational survival in the next decade, and what CEOs need to do to prepare for this change.

Digital Readiness for Entrepreneurs

Digital Readiness for Entrepreneurs – learn how BDC, Canada’s only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs, provides support to the full range of Canadian entrepreneurial businesses. Celebrating Small Business Week this week, BDC is particulary focussed on helping entreprenuers embrace digital readiness, as digitally mature companies tend to have better performance.


What Business Owners Do to Achieve their Growth Goals

Learn how ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) can support business owners to grow and/or transition your business.


The Beauty of Discomfort and Innovation

Amanda Lang, award-winning business journalist and anchor, shares her insights on why people are generally hard-wired against change, and tips on how leaders can embrace this discomfort in their organizations to achieve success.


Embracing Innovation & Technology

An international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space, Peter Diamandis speaks about 3 of his personal masterfully transformative purposes (opening up space; extending human lifespans and solving the world’s biggest problems) and shares 3 tips for  CEOs to embrace innovation & technology in our increasingly changing world.


The Entrepreneurs Guide to Innovation

In this podcast, Ken Tencer (CEO, Spyder Works; Columnist, Globe & Mail; Author) defines innovation as simply taking action on ideas, and identifies the top 3 drivers of continuity, team and discipline required to achieve innovation.


The Bellwether Effect: Stop Following. Start Inspiring!

In this podcast, based on his new book “The Bellwether Effect”, Dr. Secretan discusses the the 5 things you can stop doing right now to create an inspiring workplace culture and the 5 traits every great leader or coach should have.


What CEOs Need to Know about Selecting Advisors

What CEOs need to know about selecting advisors – Tim Kist, Joy Playford and Keith Sinclair, all Forum Chairs for MacKay CEO Forums and practicing Certified Management Consultants, discuss several key criteria to ensure a successful relationship with your advisor to accelerate CEO performance.


How to Speed up Disruptive Change

Chris Taylor, President & CEO of, and Kevin Barwin, Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums and Founding Partner, Clariti Group Inc., share their insights about change, why failure rates can appear to be high, and how technology can help to create measurable behaviours that will increase the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes.


Proactive Aging: The Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman is a medical doctor with a focus on health and wellness, and is taking a holistic approach to help her patients age well from the inside out. In this podcast, Dr. Pearlman shares some key facts about proactive aging, and 3 tips that CEOs and Executives can use to minimize the impact of aging on our health.


The Bottom Line on Customer Retention

Anne Miner, President of the Dunvegan Group and Certified Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums, shares her expertise on three key things to consider when measuring customer retention.


Experimenting with Artificial Intelligence in the Music Industry

Jeff King, COO at SOCAN Group, shares how they are using AI to become an energetic disruptor in the music rights industry.


How to Drive Profitable Growth by Maximizing Individual Productivity

Colin Cox, President of Cox Consulting Services, shares his top 3 strategies to increase your productivity, freeing you to focus on what matters to grow your business.


Everything you were taught about CEO communication is wrong

Gregor Jeffrey, a pioneer in the new field of NeuroCommunication, breaks down traditional communication styles as he explains the link between neuro science and communication, and how presenters can adjust to ensure they appeal to the variety of communication preferences present in any audience.


How to Find and Retain CEO and Executive Top Talent

Henryk Krajewski, a Toronto-based Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums and President of The Anderson Leadership Group, defines several key attributes to look for in top talent, how to assess and self-assess for top talent, and how top leaders can focus on one thing to drive activities and identify talent gaps in order to serve the overall corporate goal.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Bill Ciprick, Senior Vice President, High Impact Firms at BDC Advisory Services, shares his insights about the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make which hinder their growth and economic impact.


CEOs who Outlast and Outperform in Canada

As the co-leader of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies Awards Program, Lorrie King shares the 4 key areas where Best Managed companies exhibit outstanding performance over the average Canadian company.


How to Disrupt Your Business

Brent Twist, CEO at Encore Business Solutions, shares his story about the successful disruption their business has recently gone through, and lessons learned along the way.


How to get your team to fire on all cylinders

Nico Human, Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums, shares the 8 key elements that must be present to ensure that your Executive leadership team is working together at an optimum level, and dives into the top 3 strategies to get you started on your way to creating a dream team.


Mental Health in the Workplace, what CEOs Need to Know

Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO, CivicAction & Kim Bellissimo, VP-Human Resources & Organizational Development, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

Sevaun and Kim share key findings & stats about mental health issues in the workplace, along with specific tools and resources that CEOs and top leaders can access for further education and information to support their employees.


Gratitude: a Powerful CEO Leadership Tool

Steve Foran,  Forum Chair – MacKay CEO Forums and Founder – Gratitude at Work, defines gratitude, and its value in creating a engaging and growth minded culture. Learn the 3 simple habits to start building your gratitude muscle.


The EncoreFX Fast Growth Global Journey

In this podcast, The EncoreFX Fast Growth Global Journey, Peter Gustavson, Founder & CEO, shares his leadership strategies and key differentiators that led to the successful growth of EncoreFX to be a global company in just 4 years.


The Denton’s Journey to becoming the World’s Largest Law Firm

In this podcast, Beth Wilson discusses how technology and innovation were leveraged in the process to becoming a leading law firm of the future.


What CEOs need to know about Sexual Harassment

As a seasoned and pro-active human resources lawyer and mediator, Cheryl Otto believes that CEOs need to have a better understanding of sexual harassment and an increased awareness of what’s happening in their own organizations.


Sharing Experiences: The Game Changing CEO Leadership Skill

Nancy MacKay, Founder & CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, shares her insights on how CEOs can improve their leadership skills by embracing our shared experience model.


The Triple Bottom Line

Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO of Vancity, explains the Triple Bottom Line (measurement of people, planet and profit) and why Vancity has become a leader in Canada with their movement away from a CSR-based approach to measuring their success and growth as an organization.


Mental Toughness in an Exponential Change World

Sean Bacon, owner & founder of Dynamic Shift Consulting, and Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, defines what Mental Toughness is, and shares why it’s important for today’s leaders to utilize this skill to achieve success.


Measure What Matters

Louise Watson, a strategic planning facilitator and experienced communicator, speaks about why CEOs are relying on inaccurate good news when they want to measure their strategic performance, and shares some tips on how to identify real, predictable and measurable results to determine business success.


The Business Case for Disability

As president and chief executive officer of Vancity, Canada’s largest community credit union, Tamara Vrooman believes that banking has a vital role in developing a healthy society—building the well-being of people and, at the same time, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the communities in which they live and work. This summarizes Vancity’s vision of redefining wealth.


What CEOs Need to Know about Building Inclusive Organizations

Duncan Sinclair, a Vice Chair of Deloitte Canada and Chile, defines inclusivity as more than just diversity, and shares 3 tips for Canadian leaders to seize our commitment to inclusivity as a competitive advantage on the world stage.


Feet to the Fire: How to Create a High Accountability Culture

Lorraine Moore, a thought leader in strategic speed, innovation and executive performance, is sought out to contribute to the transformation of companies and individuals. In this podcast, Lorraine shares 3 practical tips on how to hold people accountable, and obtain extraordinary results.


The Art of Being Present in an Exponential Change World

Valerie Galvin, CEO & Founder of her coaching practice Stand & Deliver, speaks about the value of being present as leaders, and what gets in the way.


Making Corporate Governance a Competitive Advantage for Canada

Rahul Bhardwaj, President & CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors, shares the top 3 internal challenges facing Boards today, and speaks about critical success factors for successful Board roles and great corporate governance.


Your CEO Succession Playbook: How to Pass the Torch so Everyone Wins

Natalie Michael has worked in private practice developing executives for the last fifteen years. Whether as an executive coach, CEO forum chair or succession management consultant, her main goal is to help companies identify and develop executive potential. She has coached hundreds of executives, from Canada to Africa to New Zealand, with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups.


High Performance Leadership for CEOs

Dr. Karen MacNeill is a registered psychologist at Copeman Healthcare Centre in Calgary. She has over 15 years of experience in the helping profession. Dr. MacNeill holds a doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of British Columbia, and is a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.


Exponential Disruption

Salim Ismail is a keynote speaker at our EDGE Summit on Exponential Change (Oct 3 2017, Vancouver). Salim travels extensively, sharing a global perspective on the impact of breakthrough technologies and how organizations can leverage these disruptions to grow 10x faster than their peers.


The Future World of Work in an Exponential Change World

Cheryl Cran, an international consultant, best-selling author and keynote speaker, believes that the future of work is now, but the future impact on business is dependent upon 3 key things: embracing emerging technology, maintaining relevant products & services, and ensuring a ‘people first’ environment.


Marketing & Referability in an Exponential World

Jared Smith, co-founder of Incite Marketing, believes that marketing should be added to an organization’s key strategies in order to develop methods for measuring results to generate predictable outcomes.


The Strategic Use of CEO Time

Jim Clemmer, author & keynote speaker on practical leadership, shares his top 3 tips on the critical use of CEO time, a key organizational resource, and how CEOs can manage their time more effectively.


Think Bigger – The Journey of Wealthy Entrepreneurs

Michael Sonnenfeldt, Founder of Tiger 21 and Chairman of Carmanah Technologies Corp, shares his experiences of working with successful entrepreneurs over the past 20 years, the challenges they have overcome and their unique personality traits that have ultimately contributed to their success.


Purpose Driven Authentic Leadership

Dov Baron, international Speaker & Founder of Full Monty Leadership, shares his thoughts on Purpose Driven Authentic Leadership: knowing what drives you at your very core that gives passion & meaning to your life.


The 3 C-Suite Skills that Serve all CEOs Well

Anne Bermingham, a Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums in SW Ontario and co-owner of 2WA Consulting, speaks about 3 key skills for C-suite Executives to improve their leadership skills and positively impact overall performance.


Leadership Well-Being

In this episode, we speak with Rick Tiedemann, Senior Director of Business Development at Copeman Healthcare Centre, about Leadership Well-Being. In addition to some startling recent statistics, Rick shares the 5 top barriers why leaders aren’t taking care of their health, and 3 key strategies to ensure that the C-suite and Leadership team remain a healthy, appreciating asset for your organization.


The Mr. Mikes Exponential Change Journey

In this episode, Robin Chakrabarti, Partner at Empresario Capital Partners Ltd, speaks about the hands-on role that Empresario Capital Partners likes to take with the businesses they invest in, and specifically how they have revitalized the Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual brand through 4 key strategies.


Lifestorming – Creating Meaning and Achievement in your Career & Life

Alan Weiss, consultant, speaker and author, defines the key attributes of successful leaders, those who take control in their work & life to become more productive.


How to Deliver a Great Customer Experience in an Exponential World

In this episode, we talk with Brady Wilson, Co-Founder of Juice Inc, Thought Leader & Author.


How to be a Great Boss in an Exponential Change World

In this episode, we speak with Jonathan Mara, a MacKay CEO Forums Chair and President of Guardian Angel Consulting Ltd.


How to Innovate During a Crisis: The Fort McMurray Story

In this episode we talk with Conrad Sauvé.


Why Not Disrupt the Ice Cream Industry?

In this episode we talk with Lori Joyce. Lori is an innovative marketer and has over twenty years experience creating, managing and growing brands.


Populating the World with Better Leaders

In this episode, Linda Oglov interviews Nancy MacKay about the exponential change journey of MacKay CEO Forums.


The Leadership Compass: How to Never Lose Your Way in an Exponential World

In this episode we talk with Dalton McGuinty, former Ontario Premier and MacKay CEO Forums member.


Exponential Change in the Hotel Industry

In this episode we talk with Robert Pratt, President of One Hospitality and long time MacKay CEO Forums member.


How to Avoid a Hurricane (in employee benefit costs)

In this episode we talk with long time MacKay CEO Forums member, Gary Zlotnik, Chairman & CEO of ZLC Financial.


What Keeps CEOs Awake at Night in an Exponential World?

Jim is the world’s leading global futurist, trends and innovation expert, with a massive global blue chip client list. Over the last 20 years, more than 2 million people have shared his insight with his events on stage.


Engaging Millennials (and everyone else) – What CEOs Need to Know

In this episode we talk with Neil Crawford. Neil is a partner of Aon Hewitt, leads the Canadian Talent Practice, and is a member of the Aon Hewitt Canadian Executive Committee.


Innovation, Disruption and Productivity – Will you be left behind?

In this episode we talk with Terry Stuart, Deloitte Canada’s Chief Innovation Officer, a core member of the firm’s Global Innovation Network and a Partner with the Canadian Financial services consulting practice.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes CEOs make when Communicating to Employees

In this episode we talk with Bart Egnal, President & CEO of The Humphrey Group and MacKay CEO Forums member.


How to be a Disrupter

In this episode, we talk with Launi Skinner, CEO of First West Credit Union and MacKay CEO Forums member.


Exponential Change in Global Education

In this episode we talk with Kathy Kinloch, President of BCIT, long time MacKay CEO Forums member and National Partner.


How to Double Revenue and Double Profits

In this episode, we talk with Laurie Schultz, President & CEO of ACL and MacKay CEO Forums member.


Exponential Change in the IT Industry: What CEOs Need to Know

In this episode, we talk with Don Bialik, Executive Chairman & CEO of Long View Systems, MacKay CEO Forums member and Innovator Partner.


Exponential Change + Innovation in the Travel Industry

In this episode, we talk with John Beauvais, President of Flight Centre Canada and MacKay CEO Forums Innovator Parnter.


The Secrets of Most Admired Corporate Cultures Winners

In this episode we talk with Marty Parker, CEO of Waterstone Human Capital, MacKay CEO Forums alliance partner.


The Secrets of Best Managed Companies

In this episode we interview Peter Brown and learn about what it takes to become a Best Managed Company.


Accelerating Growth through EOS

in this episode we interview Jonathan Mara, a MacKay CEO Forums Chair and President of Guardian Angel Consulting Limited.


Are My Employees Really Engaged?

In this Episode we interview Teryluz Andreu, US Engagement Leader for Aon Hewitt. MacKay CEO Forums is proud to be associated with the AON Best Employers program.


Private Equity Brings More Than Just Capital

In this episode, we interview Mike Cordoba. Mike is a MacKay CEO Forums member and a MacKay CEO Forums Innovator Partner


Mistakes CEOs Make When Managing Change

In this episode, we interview Sue Matheson, a MacKay CEO Forums Chair leading 6 Forum groups in Vancouver.


How to Navigate a Health Crisis with Kevin Brady, Advica Health

In this episode, we interview Kevin Brady, the CEO & Founder of Advica Health. Kevin is a MacKay CEO Forums member and MacKay CEO Forums Innovator Partner.


Innovate by Reducing Complexity with Bill Tucker, Omicron

Bill Tucker is Chief Executive Officer of Omicron Canada Inc. He is MacKay CEO Forums member and Innovator Partner.


Keeping up with Consumers, with David Labistour, CEO, MEC

In this episode, we interview David Labistour, CEO of MEC and MacKay CEO Forums member for the past 8 years. MEC has been recognized by Canadian Business as Canada’s Best Brand for the last two years in the row. With over 2,000 employees across Canada, MEC’s purpose is to inspire and enable everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyles.


Mistakes Wealthy People Make with John Nicola, Nicola Wealth Management

In this episode, we interview John Nicola, the Chairman & CEO of Nicola Wealth Management, and MacKay CEO Forums member. John’s firm is dedicated to serving the complex needs of high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and professionals.


Strategy, Leadership & Culture with Paul Hollands, A&W Food Services

In this episode, we interview Paul Hollands, CEO & Chairman of A&W Food Services of Canada Inc, and a MacKay CEO Forums member.


How to Optimize Executive Health with Chris Nedelmann, Copeman Healthcare

In this episode, we interview Chris Nedelmann, CEO at Copeman Healthcare Canada and MacKay CEO Forums member. Copeman Healthcare combines the care of expert physicians with specialized health professionals in private medical clinics to create an entire team designed just for you and your health goals.


Exponential Growth with Eric Berke, TorQuest

In this podcast we interview successful CEOs and trusted advisors on topics of interest to CEOs today.


CEO Vulnerability with Dr. Tara Cree

In this podcast we interview successful CEOs and trusted advisors on topics of interest to CEOs today.

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