CEOs and Leaders need to take care of their health

Hear an inspiring episode from Diamond Fernandes. Diamond is an advocate for CEOs and Leaders needing to take care of their health. A seasoned expert in cardiac health since 1999, and author of his book “Beating Heart Disease”, Diamond is the Founder of the Heart Fit Clinic in 2007 with clinics spanning Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and soon Eastern Canada. Heart Fit Clinic is the leader in cardiac rehabilitation and heart attack and stroke prevention. They offer private heart assessments, treatments, and education that extend beyond traditional medical approaches focusing on the understanding that arteries function like muscles, not just pipes. They offer a proactive, evidence-based integrative approach to cardiac health, considering arteries as muscles.

Diamond and his team focus on preventing and reversing heart disease. Married with three boys, Diamond balances his professional success with a passion for playing the piano and skiing powder.

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TODAY’S BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity’, by Peter Attia