Breaking Cycles and Building Futures through Wealth Mastery

Listen to Murray Neilson, Business Development at Nicola Wealth Management as he delves into the crucial aspects of financial discipline and strategic wealth planning for CEOs. Despite not having financial role models early in life, Murray’s journey led him to profound insights and discipline thanks to the innovative approaches at Nicola Wealth. He shares his transformative experience and the pivotal role of surrounding oneself with game-changers in the financial arena.  

In his day-to-day life, Murray leads client development and relationship management for Nicola Wealth Management, a full-service wealth planning firm. As a highly regarded advisor, business leader, speaker, and moderator, Murray tirelessly works to help his clients rise to their potential and expect more from life. Hear how Murray’s talent for bringing together diverse groups of people to problem-solve, collaborate, and accelerate goal achievement. With a unique blend of listening, leadership, and questioning, Murray infuses every interaction with a strong sense of fun and dedication. 

Murray’s influence extends beyond the boardroom. Community contribution is deeply ingrained in his values, and he actively participates in various industry and community organizations. Based in Vancouver, Murray, alongside his wife Patty, has raised their three children. Murray is an avid tennis player and a proud grandfather of 14 amazing grandchildren. Murray understands the importance of stability and happiness, both in finances and in personal relationships.

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