Forum Chairs


MacKay CEO Forums Chairs are the best go-to-advisors to CEOs and Executives across Canada. Our highly rated Certified Forum Chairs and Master Certified Forum Chairs deliver the highest-impact, and least time-intensive peer group experience on the planet.


Our Forum Chairs are networked with the top business leaders in Canada.


Carefully screened and fully trained, our Forum Chairs create a high trust, confidential peer group experience every time.


Trusted Advisors that have extensive experience working with CEOs, Executives, and business owners across a wide variety of industries.

Chair Certification ensures an extraordinary member experience

The purpose of Chair Certification is to ensure an extraordinary member experience, every meeting, every time. Certified Forum Chairs have demonstrated their ability to meet the highest standards of excellence based on member feedback and our Forum Chair scorecard.  Our members rave about our Forum Chairs because they are all committed to raising their game and delivering exceptional value to our members.

Meet Our Forum Chairs

Meet our Forum Chairs, all highly respected, trusted advisors from across Canada.

Become A Forum Chair

If you have more than a decade of outstanding leadership experience and a passion to populate the world with better leaders, we want to hear from you.

Do you share our passion?

If you share our passion to help CEOs achieve their full potential through world-class peer groups, we’d love to hear from you.