We Control Our Health: A Conversation with Mike Kessel, CEO & President of Cleveland Clinic Canada

Hear from one of Canada’s leaders in in-person and virtual health programs. Mike Kessel is the President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada. In this role, he is responsible for the growth of the Canadian facilities, strategic partnerships and enterprise value creation. Cleveland Clinic Canada is the Canadian location of the Cleveland Clinic, a global non-profit academic centre that has been delivering exceptional patient care since 1921. Under Mike’s leadership, the clinic remains dedicated to providing top-tier patient care and fostering a supportive work environment. With a team of multidisciplinary clinical and wellness experts, Cleveland Clinic Canada offers in-person and virtual care across Canada. 

Mike is an advocate that CEOs and Executives need to control their health. 90% of your health is affected from your lifestyle, and leaders must take control of their health as their organization and customers depend on efficient leaders.

Originally from Chicago, Mike relocated to Toronto in 2008 with his family. Mike is instrumental in transforming employee health programs for major Canadian companies and is actively involved in community initiatives, including founding a successful fundraising tournament supporting heart and stroke, and brain health initiatives.

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