Formula for Success in Life and Leadership

Listen in as Cathy Mackay takes us through her extraordinary journey from a small town in British Columbia to her current role as CEO of Environmental Dynamics Inc. With a rich background in biology and agrology, Cathy’s inspiring path to becoming a CEO was informed by her ability to embrace new challenges, think creatively, and stay focused with a clear vision. 

At EDI, Cathy has been a driving force behind the company’s significant growth and innovation, leveraging her expertise as an RPBio and PAg to lead with a unique blend of scientific insight and business acumen. Her story is one of transformation, from working for the government to stepping into a leadership role in a male-dominated industry, propelled by her involvement in the MacKay Forum Group, which opened her eyes to the potential of assuming a greater leadership role. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Cathy is deeply involved in various industry and community organizations, serving as the current president of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce and contributing to the Policy and GR committee of the BC Association of Mineral Exploration.

Cathy’s philosophy centers on the balance between work, personal life, and health. She shares her recipe for success: nurturing a network of game changers, and maintaining active involvement in her community. Tune in to hear how Cathy Mackay’s inspiring story and insights can motivate us to break through our boundaries, seek out new horizons, and lead with passion and purpose. 

With a background in biology and agrology, Cathy brings a unique perspective to her leadership role, holding professional designations as an RPBio and PAg. Her recent completion of the TransRockies Gravel Royale cycling event highlights her commitment to both physical and professional challenges. 

But Cathy’s success isn’t confined to the boardroom. Married for 21 years to her husband Shon and her 15-year-old son, Cathy emphasizes the importance of family and work-life balance. 

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