What CEOs Need to do When they are Overwhelmed and Stressed Out

John Radford, Co-Owner, Transpectives Inc. and the 2019 Winner of Canada’s Trusted Advisor Award for CEOs and Owners of Family Businesses, shares a concrete tool that CEOs can use when they are stressed and overwhelmed, to help show up as your best self rather than reacting in a triggered state. Called the 3Gs Dance – Go In, Go Up, Go Out, John explains each step and how it ultimately helps you to move forward with new confidence to meet your desired outcomes.

John and his business partner, Viola, have enjoyed a 20-year partnership in Vancouver, BC at Transpectives, providing executive consultancy services to CEOs, specifically within family-owned/operated businesses.

The focus of Transpectives is on helping leaders leverage conflict for change in a globally competitive, rapidly changing environment.

As an executive coach John’s CEO clients learn to master the inner track of leadership, turning destructive internal tension and personal sabotage into positive energy for change.

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