Reinventing Business – The Shift to Self-Managed Organizations

Dirk Propfe, President and CEO of ET Group, summarizes the many attributes of being a flat organization with no boss, while sharing the obstacles they overcame on the way to dramatically increasing employee engagement and seeing continued postive financial results in the 2 1/2 years since making this change.

ET Group’s mission is to help people work better together and for over 40 years the company has evolved into a leading collaboration integrator.

Dirk is passionate about helping organizations evolve into happier, healthier and more meaningful places to work. He is an advocate, through research and experience, in reinventing the way we work where every member can grow, develop and share their gifts and talents with the world.

Dirk continuously innovates with self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose practices and frameworks in order for organizations and teams to harmoniously work better together.

A globally recognized leader, Dirk has worked and lived in Mexico, Germany, USA, Sweden and now Canada.

ET Group provides unique and innovative new business structures, practices and processes to clients such as Cisco, CB Richard Ellis, Bell, London Life, the Province of Ontario plus many others.