Radical Relevance – Sharpen Your Marketing Message: Cut Through the Noise and Win More Ideal Clients

Bill Cates is an internationally recognized client-acquisition expert, author, and speaker who motivates others to take action with proven strategies. In this podcast he shares what Radical Relevance is, why it is important in today’s market, the biggest challenges we face and a few of his rules form his latest book Radical Relevance.

Find out why Bill’s magic word is personalization, why having the exact right message for the exact right person is important in today’s market and how borrowing trust long enough for us to gain trust is important when reaching out to referrals.

A successful entrepreneur, Bill started and sold two book publishing companies. Turning his attention to help other businesses grow, Bill has written four best-selling books: Get More Referrals Now, Don’t Keep Me a Secret, Beyond Referrals and Radical Relevance.

Bill has delivered his business-growth message to over 300,000 professionals, small business owners, and salespeople across 5 continents; helping them increase revenue without increasing their marketing budget.

Bill Cates’ client-acquisition system has been featured in such publications as Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, the Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal. And his own business success has been featured in Money Magazine.

Bill was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010 (182 living members worldwide).