Quarterly Executive Offsites – Do we really need them?

Katie Bennett, a Forum Chair with MacKay CEO Forums, Founder of Double Black Diamond Coaching and a 2019 Winner of Canada’s Trusted Advisor to Executives of Medium to Large Businesses Award,  shares her passion about leading executive teams offsite, and how creating a space where teams can tell the truth, build rapport and align on key strategies can become a powerful catalyst for change.

After 11 years working in advertising at some of the world’s top agencies, Katie started Double Black Diamond Coaching in 2000. Her work at Double Black Diamond Coaching focuses on the intersection of three key areas: Creating a highly effective Executive Team, Developing the individual Leaders, and Building alignment around a simple One Page Strategic Plan.

Katie’s business focus is working with CEO’s and their executive teams to build high functioning teams that are firing on all cylinders and delivering outstanding results. She does this through a primary focus on helping her teams understand the value of getting offsite on a quarterly basis to deepen the connection among the leaders, ensuring alignment around key priorities and developing a method of holding teams accountable to results.

Katie’s clients include CEO’s and executive team members from large organizations through entrepreneurial businesses. Her industry experience includes technology, wealth management, the clean energy sector, commercial real estate, big pharma, media and advertising, retirement living, insurance, construction, manufacturing, engineering and more.