Proactive Aging: The Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman is a medical doctor with a focus on health and wellness, and is taking a holistic approach to help her patients age well from the inside out. In this podcast, Dr. Pearlman shares some key facts about proactive aging, and 3 tips that CEOs and Executives can use to minimize the impact of aging on our health.

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman is a medical doctor with a focused practice in the area of women’s health and wellness. Dr. Pearlman has been awarded a focus practice designation by the Ontario Medical Association to enable her to work as an expert consultant to other physicians in the area of women’s health.

Dr. Pearlman has cultivated an expertise in the art and science of cosmetic medicine. Dr. Pearlman has helped train other physicians in cosmetic injection technique and regularly attends cosmetic medical meetings to stay current with the latest techniques and technologies. She has had the opportunity to work and train with leading experts in this field across North America.