Why Not Disrupt the Ice Cream Industry?

In this episode we talk with Lori Joyce. Lori is an innovative marketer and has over twenty years experience creating, managing and growing brands.

Prior to establishing the Cupcakes brand, Lori Joyce completed a BSc Animal Biology Degree from UBC while working in retail sales and management. During the years of gathering work experience in various industries, it was obvious to Lori that she had the entrepreneurial instinct, and the passion for branding and customer engagement. In 2002, Lori co-founded Cupcakes with her best friend Heather White. Lori was responsible for developing the Cupcakes Franchise and growing it into a national 10-location chain. In 2010, Lori also became the co-executive producer and co-star in the Gemini-award winning reality TV show, The Cupcake Girls. The television show aired for three seasons and was broadcast in 95 countries.

Today, Lori Joyce is focused on building the Betterwith brand. The vision for Betterwith is to be the modern day standard for the transparent, honest, better food product brand. No compromise and all purpose, Betterwith will diversify beyond ice cream into a variety of food product categories where there is opportunity to do better.

For Lori, it really comes down to enjoying Betterwith Ice Cream with her 2 young boys, Maxi (6) and Lex (5). And it’s more than dessert for Lori. It’s about sitting around a table and listening and sharing and appreciating. As Lori always simply says  ‘It all comes down to this.’