Leadership Well-Being

In this episode, we speak with Rick Tiedemann, Senior Director of Business Development at Copeman Healthcare Centre, about Leadership Well-Being. In addition to some startling recent statistics, Rick shares the 5 top barriers why leaders aren’t taking care of their health, and 3 key strategies to ensure that the C-suite and Leadership team remain a healthy, appreciating asset for your organization.

Rick will tell you that while he has been enthusiastically engaged in the corporate world for 35 years, he has only truly worked for the Tiedemann Corporation. The partnering with various organizations was, and is vital, as it is through these partnerships that the Tiedemann Corporation and its shareholders (Rick, his wife and their 3 kids) are able to thrive in a manner that they enjoy.

Rick spent over 30 yrs working in the multi-national pharmaceutical industry as a senior leader and executive within a wide variety of therapeutic areas. These therapeutic areas included, infectious disease, orthopedics, women’s health, diabetes, neurosciences (which included mental health, epilepsy and multiplesclerocis), dermatology and allergy and immunology. His leadership responsibilities included partnering with colleagues to develop high performing business development teams, government relations and market access, compensation, personality profiling education and corporate strategy.

His professional passions have always included a combination of health and business interests. In 2012 he chose to pursue a new career path and left the pharmaceutical industry to open a new Copeman Healthcare center in Edmonton. In addition to his Executive Director role, he is also the Senior Director of Business Development and is a member of the national Medisys Health Group Executive team. His 35 years in the corporate marinade have helped to fuel his current passion which is to create a new narrative around Leadership Wellbeing and to get leaders to think about Leadership Health as a vital risk mitigation strategy vs a perk.

His personal passions include waterskiing, making log beds and antler chandeliers, aquatic ecosystem stewardship, building homes and spending as much time as possible at the lake with friends and family.