How to be a Long-Term A-Player CEO

In this podcast, Kevin reminds CEOs of the top 3 strategies to maintain an A-player status for the long-term, not just a few years at a time.

For the past 20 years, Kevin has been a key strategic advisor and coach to high-performing CEOs and business leaders around the world. He is relentless in helping them to build and maintain tremendous success in business, and a full, rich personal life.
CEOs in North America, the Middle East, India and Australia, also count on Kevin to facilitate their strategic planning sessions, to align their leadership teams, and to stay focused.
Kevin has a Coach Emeritus distinction by Gazelles International in recognition of his mastery. Using his deep knowledge of how to take a good company and how to make it great, Kevin combines his own methods with the Rockefeller Habits to help leaders, in a wide variety of sectors – from consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing, luxury retail, media, automotive and professional services – to build high-performance leadership teams, expand into new markets, attract profitable customers, and increase productivity and profits.