How do you level up in your career?

John Anderson, the Chairman, CEO, and Managing Partner of The Oppenheimer Group for over 48 years. Starting in 1975 as a warehouse worker, he has climbed the corporate ladder within Oppy. Oppy, which has thrived for more than 165 years, is a prominent name in the industry. In addition to his role at Oppy, John serves as the Chairman and CEO of Anderson Air, the oldest aircraft management and charter company in Vancouver, now celebrating 41 years in operation. One of John’s biggest pieces of advice to him was, “John, it’s not about you. It’s what you can do to help others. If they are successful, you will be successful.” This is what motivates John daily.

John has been through it all. Hear John explain his incredible journey and what he’s looking forward to in business and life.

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