Gratitude: a Powerful CEO Leadership Tool

Steve Foran,  Forum Chair – MacKay CEO Forums and Founder – Gratitude at Work, defines gratitude, and its value in creating a engaging and growth minded culture. Learn the 3 simple habits to start building your gratitude muscle.

Steve is a grateful CEO.

Gratitude at Work, a behaviour and culture changing institution, was founded by Steve in 2006. What started as GiveRaising has grown into work with leaders across Canada and into the United States – shifting culture and helping teams bring more gratitude to work each day.

Steve Foran has been on the leading edge of gratitude-based research, writing, and teaching for more than fifteen years. His science-based program, Gratitude At Work, is a simple, yet innovative approach to business growth.

With programs like counting blessings, asking before assuming, thanking and not expecting, gratitude transforms business cultures into proud, positive, satisfying environments, where people are grateful, productive and ultimately at their best.

An electrical engineer, Steve brings a detail oriented and thoughtful approach to his working relationships and client engagements. Thriving off of people who want to be their best, Steve works with leaders who want to instill an engaging, cooperative culture with their employees.

Steve began exploring the relationship between gratitude and philanthropic giving while completing his Masters at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

Steve is a son, brother, husband, father and now, grandfather. He teaches Business Ethics and has written extensively on the subject of gratitude. He is the founder of STATUSGRO and creator of the viral video 100 Halifax Doors. Steve is actively engaged in making his community a better place and is proud to be a lifelong resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia.