The Bottom Line on Customer Retention

Anne Miner, President of the Dunvegan Group and Certified Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums, shares her expertise on three key things to consider when measuring customer retention.

Anne Miner is a consummate entrepreneur in constant motion. In addition to her unique ability to see possibilities, Anne has a knack for identifying the necessary talent and expertise to assess, plan and implement change.

A skilled facilitator, trusted CEO advisor and sought-after coach, Anne is often called upon to lead executive teams through the rapids of change, bringing clarity and vision as well as a strategic framework for implementation.

Through her company, The Dunvegan Group, Anne helps organizations to strengthen and build stakeholder relationships (between customers, employees, members, patients, students, vendors). Seeing organizations grow through collaborative and continuous improvement, and reduced customer and employee churn, as they deliver enjoyable customer experiences fuels Anne’s drive to help people and companies realize their full potential.

Anne also serves on a number of industry and association boards, is the 2013 recipient of the University of Guelph’s Alumni Medal of Achievement, and author of several books on the topic of Customer Relationships.