The Bellwether Effect: Stop Following. Start Inspiring!

In this podcast, based on his book “The Bellwether Effect”, Lance discusses the 5 things you can stop doing right now to create an inspiring workplace culture and the 5 traits every great leader or coach should have.

Dr. Lance Secretan is a pioneering philosopher and corporate advisor whose bestselling books, inspirational talks, and life-changing retreats have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the author of 21 books about leadership, inspiration, corporate culture and entrepreneurship as well as an award-winning memoir, A Love Story. His latest book is The Bellwether Effect. Lance is a riveting speaker and is acknowledged globally as one of our most insightful and original leadership teachers. He is the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist, poet, author and outdoor athlete. He coaches and advises leaders globally who wish to transform their culture into the most inspirational in their industries.

Dr. Secretan is the recipient of many other awards, including the International Caring Award, whose previous winners include, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter and Dr. Desmond Tutu. He is a forum Chair at MacKay CEO Forums, current Chair of the Pay it Forward Foundation, and former Chair of the Advisory Board of the Special Olympics World Winter Games. He is an expert skier, kayaker and mountain biker, and he divides his time between Ontario, Canada and the Colorado Rockies.

Dr. Secretan is the luncheon keynote speaker at our 2019 EDGE Summit, on Oct 3 in Vancouver.