5 Cohesive Behaviours of an Executive Team

Kerry Brown, Co-founder of Success Biz Coach and Certified Forum Chair at MacKay CEO Forums, speaks about the key behaviours that ensure high performing cohesive Executive teams, and the symptoms to look for when a team is disfunctional.

In her 18 years as a Business Coach Kerry realized success in business was more than passion and enthusiasm, being “good at something” and the breaking down of our own barriers to success, it also required learned skills and competencies. Kerry’s very diverse business background gives her the personal experience from which she speaks. She grew up with a father who was an insurance broker and then both parents went on to open their own very successful Jewellery store. She saw first hand what it took to be successful!

After gradutating from University, Kerry spent 12 years as a top producing real estate agent, she owned her own real estate office managing a staff as well as 30 realtors, and has been a top producer in the direct sales industry. When it comes to business experience Kerry has personally seen and experienced it all!

Her expertise and passion has been in inspiring individuals by delivering practical, business coaching and training which combines both personal effectiveness and business effectiveness strategies. It was this passion that led Kerry and her husband, Richard, to start their company, Success Biz Coach and the programs they offer to small business owners and their teams.