The 3 C-Suite Skills that Serve all CEOs Well

Anne Bermingham, a Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums in SW Ontario and co-owner of 2WA Consulting, speaks about 3 key skills for C-suite Executives to improve their leadership skills and positively impact overall performance.

Anne Bermingham has been a confidante and advisor to CEOs and other senior Executives for 18 years. She is relied upon for her ability to provide strategic and tactical people-oriented advice. She is an engaging facilitator who offers insightful feedback one-on-one and in group situations.

Anne graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Masters in Applied Social Psychology, with the intention on helping organizations thrive, by improving the performance of their people. She worked for a national outplacement firm before starting her own successful consultancy – 2WA Consulting. She has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1996.

Her work is primarily in the fields of leadership and performance, with an emphasis on how to ensure people actually change their behaviour and attitudes in order to be more effective. Sometimes she works with teams and other times the work is to help change the culture within an organization. She has worked in the private, public and not for profit sectors, spread across the telecommunications, manufacturing, social services, municipal, provincial and federal government sectors.

Her strengths are her ability to read a room which makes her a highly sought after facilitator. As well, she brings tremendous warmth to a room and has the ability to create an atmosphere that leads to open and meaningful dialogue.

She is an active, long-time Rotarian and spends her social time on the golf course and around the dining room table with friends and family.