How to Use Power Effectively


How do you respond to powerful people who use their power over you? What is the most appropriate way to deal with very powerful people?

Premise: All leaders must learn how to influence others by using power effectively with all 360 degree relationships.


  • Power: title, rank, position, leadership style (perceived dominance over others)
  • Risk: intimidating style and excessive use of power shuts down the contribution of others
  • Solution: gain influence by using power effectively (e.g., listening, persuading, coaching, gaining agreement, empathy, sharing knowledge). You will gain more trust, loyalty, and support of others.

Your leadership style conveys your sense of power. What is your primary leadership style that works well for you? You will need to adapt your style to your 360 degree leadership relationships.

The following seven strategies will help you use power effectively:

1. Treat all 360 degree leadership relationships as your most important customer.
2. Listen 80%.
3. Learn from others.
4. Share real stories –business, family, personal.
5. Be visible.
6. Be generous.
7. Clarify expectations.

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