How to Speak Like a CEO


Book reference: Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results by Suzanne Bates. Please click here to learn more.

Communication is the number one leadership improvement opportunity for CEOs (based on a survey of 100 Top Executives in Canada).

Premise: All leaders must communicate effectively to deliver results.

Here are ten key strategies to enhance your ability to communicate effectively to your key stakeholders:

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Start with the ideal outcomes.
  3. Identify your one-sentence point of view.
  4. Structure your presentation.
    • Strong opening
    • State point of view
    • Share your roadmap
    • Identify “Key Points” that support your “Point of View. (use stories, statistics, examples, and case studies to support each “key point”)
    • Review your content
    • Take questions
    • Strong Close that is linked to the opening
  5. Create an emotional connection. Emotions make people act. Logic makes people think.
    • Eye contact
    • High You/I ratio (focus your language on what’s in it for you)
    • Tell relevant stories (not jokes)
  6. Pause to let the audience ponder.
  7. Eliminate filler words through self-awareness.
  8. Use punch-words.
  9. Always have a strong opening and closing that are tied together.
  10. Focus on the audience NOT the technology to create an emotional connection.