Six Strategies to Keep You Engaged at Work


Adapted from the book: The Talent Advantage by Dr. Alan Weiss and Dr. Nancy MacKay, published by Wiley.

Engaged employees have the highest productivity because they show up mentally and physically every day with a high degree of motivation to deliver extraordinary results.

The following six strategies will keep you engaged at work.


1. Build friendships with people at work.

  • On a scale of 1 (low)- 10(high), how satisfied are you with the friendships you have at work?
  • Love and connection is the most important emotional need that people have to stay┬ámotivated.
  • We spend roughly 50% more time with our customers, coworkers, and bosses than we do with our friends, significant others, children and other relatives combined.
  • Gallup research shows that without a best friend at work, the chances of being engaged in your job are 1 in 12.
  • Gallup research shows that employees who have a close friendship with their boss are more than 2.5 times as likely to be satisfied with their job.

Action Item: If you want to be more engaged at work, develop at least three strong friendships at the office, maybe even one with your boss.


2. Develop a learning and growth plan on a quarterly basis.

  • On a scale of 1 (low)- 10(high), how satisfied are you with the opportunity you have to learn and grow in your current role?
  • Learning and growth is a life-long emotional need that people have to stay motivated.
  • You currently have skills, behaviours and experience that enable you to deliver results.
  • Action Item: Identify learning and growth objectives and develop a 90-day action plan to improve your skills, behaviours and experience in required areas to help you achieve your full potential.