Self-Esteem: How to Create Certainty and Achieve Peak Performance


Example: CEO lost his right hand guy

  • It’s a life-long journey to build self-esteem
  • Number one cause of problems for executive teams (trust, decision-making, conflict, silos, accountability, communication)
  • High self-esteem leads to high self confidence


Top 10 Behaviours:

  1. Self-talk (luck versus talent and beating yourself up)
  2. Failure to take a stand on issues –low assertiveness
  3. Fear of failure
  4. Fear of success
  5. Fear of rejection –not asking for what you want
  6. Taking things personally –defensiveness
  7. Making assumptions versus clarifying expectations
  8. Slow or flip/flop or check-in decision-making
  9. Avoiding praise and recognition
  10. Perfectionism and procrastination –never good enough


Top 10 Strategies:

  1. Minimize current and past negative influences (parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, family, friends, boss/colleagues)
  2. Step into your success
  3. Learn from success and failure
  4. Engage in life-long personal development
  5. Stop making generalizations
  6. Increase physical fitness
  7. Master your emotions
  8. Take risks – Feel the Fear and do it Anyway
  9. Reach out and accept help
  10. Strive for progress NOT perfection