The Power of Coaching: How to Accelerate Performance Using a Coaching Approach


Learn the best practices for coaching in leadership with this comprehensive tipsheet. Delve into the fundamentals of coaching, explore its personal and professional benefits, and uncover key strategies and topics for effective coaching at all levels of leadership.

Coaching is the most effective way to help people achieve their full potential.

Leaders at all levels must become great coaches in order to attract, retain and develop top talent.

A. What is coaching (internal and external)?

  • The most effective approach to helping people achieve their full potential (life long journey)
  • Three vital coaching activities are asking questions, providing feedback and delegation
  • Asking questions (what’s the issue? what are your options? what will you do?)
  • Providing feedback (5:1 ratio of catching people doing things right to build on strengths)
  • Delegation (push decisions down on a monthly basis)

B. What can coaching do for you?

  • Make you a better coach
  • Help you achieve your full potential

C. What are the top three reasons for coaching people to accelerate performance?

  • Developing high potentials (As exceed; Bs meet; Cs don’t meet)
  • Act as a sounding board to improve decision-making effectiveness
  • Address derailing behaviours and/or poor performers (20-70-10 rule of differentiation)

D. Why is coaching personal?

  • Life balance is critical to individual fulfilment and achievement
  • Our personal lives can be enablers or barriers to career success

E. What are the critical success factors for coaches?

  • Willing to accept help
  • Desire to learn and grow and take action

F. What are the critical success factors for coaches?

  • Trust, respect, credibility
  • Desire to help people achieve their full potential
  • Skills/behaviours/experience

G. What are the most effective approaches to coaching?

  1. Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions
  2. On-going daily feedback – catch people doing things right with praise and improvement opportunities
  3. Monthly coaching sessions
  4. Quarterly tune-ups
  5. 360 degree coaching –qualitative approach with follow-up coaching
  6. Laser coaching
  7. 90-day coaching

H. What are the top 10 coaching topics based on CEO and executive 360 degree coaching results?

  1. Listening skills and allowing others to influence
  2. Building and rebuilding relationships (board, boss, peers, direct reports, customers)
  3. Mastering emotions
  4. Healthy conflict management
  5. Time mastery, life balance and delegation
  6. Decision-making effectiveness
  7. Behaviour management and ego-talk (coaching the alpha male)
  8. Building on strengths and self-confidence
  9. Career planning, promotions and succession planning
  10. Life planning strategies

Adapted from the book: The Talent Advantage by coauthors Dr. Alan Weiss and Dr. Nancy MacKay, published by Wiley.