How to Master Your Emotions


Emotions determine the quality of your life and emotions are contagious. Your ability to motivate and inspire the people around you will be enhanced by mastering your emotions.

Develop a positive emotions mindset by applying the following 7 key strategies.

  1. Choose positive emotions every day: love, happiness, optimism, determination, confidence, gratitude, curiosity, passion, health, resilience.
  2. Embrace negative emotions: anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt, overwhelm, loneliness, inadequacy. Every emotion serves you if you take action. What else could this mean?
  3. Own your emotions: You create your own emotions based on your interpretations. Choose commitment over hope.
  4. Learn from emotions and move on: Don’t avoid and endure emotions.
  5. Master emotions by moving.
  6. Practice every day to develop a new success habit.
  7. Develop your top 10 list of what makes you feel good.

Enhance your emotional intelligence by focusing on five key areas: mood, adaptability, stress management, interpersonal relationships and self- awareness.