Getting the most from your Peer Group Experience

This tipsheet outlines effective strategies for maximizing your participation in the forum, emphasizing proactive engagement and relationship-building. From arriving early to practicing active listening and contributing actively, these tips aim to foster meaningful connections and mutual support among members. By prioritizing collaboration, learning, and personal growth, you can leverage the forum to its fullest potential.

  1. Be clear about your ideal outcomes from membership in the forum. Reach out to others to achieve your ideal outcomes.
  2. Show up early (15min) to mingle and build relationships before the meeting starts.
  3. Sit beside new people every time.
  4. Complete your update sheet in advance of the meeting and really think about a key issue/challenge that you would like help with and would benefit others.
  5. Practice active listening during the meetings. Focus on body language, words and points of view.
  6. Contribute more to the meetings than you’ll ever get out of the meetings.
  7. Have coffee or lunch with every single person in the forum over the next 6 months. Learn everything you can about every single person in the group. Do everything you can to help others be successful.
  8. Follow up to help other people and to get help between meetings.
  9. Share knowledge with the entire group before, during and after meetings.
  10. Challenge people during the meetings to take action and play a bigger game.
  11. Practice success behaviours: fun; decisiveness; results orientation; strategic thinking; taking a stand on issues; assertiveness; passion; managing emotions; confidence building
  12. Park your ego: looking good; right/wrong; defensiveness; blame game; control freak; judgement
  13. Practice giving people feedback to help them learn and grow.
  14. Show courage. Bring tough issues to the meetings. Create trust and candour for the group.
  15. Stay behind after meetings for 15min and mingle with other members.

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