Accelerating Change

Speed Dating and the 20-60-20 rule

Premise: All leaders must learn how to accelerate change effectively in order to speed up results.

Change is a disruption in expectations.
Resistance is upset caused by a disruption in expectations. People resist both positive and negative change.
Extreme resistance occurs when a negatively perceived change is imposed on someone and ego gets in the way.
Ego is all about looking good, being right, getting defensive, playing the blame game, judging others, and being a control freak.

Acceptance to change occurs due to the happiness formula: life condition matches expectations.

The following seven strategies will help you accelerate change and speed up results:

  1. Identify and communicate your: (1) current state; (2) your ideal future state; and (3) an accelerated transition plan.
  2. Explain why and create a sense of urgency for accelerating change. It’s all made up.
  3. Surface the resistance and take action.
  4. Identify the 20-60-20.
  5. Focus on the 60% to speed things up.
  6. Use peer pressure.
  7. Make it fun.