Mike Schutz

Mike Schutz is a seasoned senior finance and operations leader with a wealth of experience in optimizing technology, driving process improvement, and building and leading finance teams. With his results-driven approach and strong acumen in finance and operations, Mike brings a strategic mindset to the table, backed by a track record of achieving outstanding top and bottom-line results.

As a financial executive, Mike possesses expertise in strategy development and execution, enabling him to navigate complex business landscapes with ease. He is adept at improving financial performance by reducing redundancy and strengthening reporting systems and controls. Mike’s ability to lead change, whether resulting from start-up activities, acquisitions, or corporate restructuring, sets him apart as a dynamic leader in his field.

Prior to joining our team, Mike served as the Vice President of Finance for an ag-tech company. Beyond his role in finance, he also co-owns a successful brewery in Port Coquitlam, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business.

Outside of the corporate world, Mike actively engages with the community, dedicating his time as volunteer Treasurer and board member of the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation and contributes to the advancement of financial literacy as a volunteer for the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPA BC).

With his vast expertise, strategic mindset, and dedication to both professional and community endeavors, Mike Schutz brings a wealth of value to MacKay CEO Forums as our VP of Operations and CFO.