What does it Take to Execute Strategy?

Tineke Keesmaat, Founder and CEO of TILTCO, Inc. and the 2019 Winner of Canada’s Trusted Advisor Award for CEOs of Large Businesses, shares her top 3 tips on what leaders need to do to achieve success in their strategy execution, and what can get in the way of meeting their goals.

Smart, innovative and passionate, Tineke is known for her ability to unlock the potential of leaders and their organizations.
She has worked with organizations of all sizes and industries. What is core to her work is finding and supporting ambitious leaders who want to make big things happen for themselves, their teams and their organizations.
Tiltco Inc. is a boutique consultancy that focuses on helping ambitious leaders set and achieve a bold vision.  Since launching Tiltco in 2013, Tineke has worked with leaders from across sectors and a range of sizes on their toughest leadership and organizational issues. 
Tineke and Tiltco offer highly customized services to help leaders set their vision, strategy and culture. Tiltco’s programs are designed to deliver the strategy promises while engaging and inspiring team members while committed to modernizing how leaders approach change.