Why Successful Companies are Thinking “Digital First”

In this episode, we interview Tom Shepansky, Managing Partner at Rethink, MacKay CEO Forums members and Innovator Partner.

Tom grew up in Edmonton and studied marketing at NAIT and the University of Alberta. After gaining experience at two Edmonton agencies, Tom moved to Vancouver to work at Palmer Jarvis, where he advanced to the role of director of client services. In 1999, Tom founded Rethink with his two creative partners— Chris and Ian.

At Rethink, Tom helps drive the strategic process in both Vancouver and Toronto. With his help, clients get the right strategy that ultimately leads to the best creative idea. Tom also manages the business side of the business—  negotiating contracts and ensuring the agency delivers on those contracts. On top of that, he plays a leadership role within the account service, production, administration and accounting groups, and also provides direction on IT and finance. In his spare time, he loves to play with his kids, Nolan and Julia, and travel with his wife, Roxanne. He also enjoys cycling, fly-fishing, golfing, cooking, and relaxing on Salt Spring Island.