Selling to Strategics and the Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make

Rob Follows, Founder and CEO of STS Capital Partners, and Charlotte Blumenshein, Director at STS,¬†explain the difference between strategic and non-strategic buyers, share why it is important to always be ready to sell your business and detail the many different aspects of your business that can have value for investors. In addition, they also share some of the mistake’s owners can make when selling their company.

Rob Follows combines his education, 10 years of entrepreneurial leadership and 15 years of international corporate experience to help clients transform business success into personal significance. Rob is also the founding Chairman of Altruvest Charitable Services, a Canadian charity focused on improving the performance of charitable organizations by providing training and tools to enhance the governance of charitable boards.

Rob has been recognized with the Top 40 Under 40 business award for creating 1,000 new jobs in Canada. He is an extreme adventurer, Rob is an ultra-marathoner, has climbed the Seven Summits, skied the North and South Poles, and meditated with Tibetan monks in Nepal and Bhutan.

Charlotte Blumenshein is a results-oriented client service leader and has led over 40 M&A transactions during her 9 years at STS Capital. Charlotte has extensive knowledge of the private sector in both Canada and the Caribbean, having worked both as an international trade advisor for the Government of Canada and as a marketing manager for a regional Caribbean firm. Charlotte is an entrepreneur at heart, having successfully owned, operated and subsequently sold two tourist-based, service-focused companies.

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