Measure What Matters

Louise Watson, a strategic planning facilitator and experienced communicator, speaks about why CEOs are relying on inaccurate good news when they want to measure their strategic performance, and shares some tips on how to identify real, predictable and measurable results to determine business success.

Louise helps organizations achieve the future they want by providing hands-on support to create, measure and execute strategy. Louise has led Adura Strategy since 2007 and is Canada’s Official Partner for the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint: an engaging 8-step process, that helps diverse organizations overcome their KPI struggles so they can achieve their strategy and prove their impact.

Prior to her consulting practice, she was Vice President of Western Canada’s two largest newspapers and worked with 2010 Legacies Now and VANOC during the 2010 Winter Games. She is a graduate of the University of BC, and is the Vancouver Chair of the international Women Presidents’ Organization.

When not delivering workshops and facilitating strategic conversations, Louise is most likely hiking in the North Shore Mountains.