Maximizing Brain Health for CEOs

As one of the most important organs, it’s important to learn how to keep your brains healthy, and to know if you have a problem. Dr. Elisabeth Sherman, Director of Brain Health and Psychology at Copeman Healthcare, encourages a shift in perspective so that you develop daily habits that promote long-term brain health.

Dr. Sherman has served as neuropsychologist, researcher, and consultant for hospitals across Canada in the Neurology and Neurosurgery departments, has completed postdoctoral training at UCLA, and is the author of three books on various topics such as neuropsychological assessment and pediatric forensic neuropsychology.

An accomplished clinician who assesses and treats patients with brain conditions and psychological conditions, including traumatic brain injury/concussion, ADHD, PTSD, memory loss, and dementia, Dr. Sherman also heads a private-practice in neuropsychology.

She founded two pediatric neuropsychology fellowship training programs at both BC Children’s Hospital and Alberta Children’s Hospital, which has supported the training of future generations of neuropsychologists.

An expert on brain and psychology health, she has authored over 20 book chapters and 65 scientific articles and has delivered over 85 presentations at national and international scientific conferences in addition to serving as speaker for corporate and community events.

Dr. Sherman is inspired to make the science of brain health accessible and understandable to everyone and to help people improve brain health and wellbeing at work and home.