Why Healthy CEOs are Inspiring Leaders

Dr. Pawa shares her inspiration to learn about the powerful science of the mind-brain-body connection, and how a wholistic approach to health will improve overall well-being and inspire others to adopt a culture of health within organizations.

Dr. Bal Pawa’s unique combination of knowledge, experience, and passion position her as a sought-after speaker and author on integrative medicine and the Mind-Body Connection. She has long been a pioneer, leader and role model in the medical and integrative health communities and is passionate about empowering people. Dr. Pawa is committed to offering credible, holistic and evidence-based knowledge of integrative medicine and hormonal health. She provides seminars and speaks to countless communities, corporate and women’s groups and she gives much of her time to mentor future leaders in health and wellness.

Dr. Pawa’s unique combination of scientific training in Pharmacy and Medicine, combined with her additional certification in Mind/Body Medicine, hormone health and GUT/Brain health makes her a valuable source of information for holistic health. Many have sought her advice on guidance on stress hormones and their role in illness, the importance of nutrition and women’s health. More recently, she has been educating the public about ground-breaking research on neuroplasticity and the GUT/Brain connection as the role of the healthy microbiome and brain health becomes more mainstream.

She is grateful to have been recognized in the community for her dedication to education for the community at large, her countless volunteer teaching hours in mind-body medicine and for her pioneering work in integrative medicine. In her spare time, she loves to hike, travel, play golf and write. She also enjoys gourmet cooking and creating healthy recipes. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and has two grown children who are her proudest accomplishments.