Disruptive Sales and Marketing Tools to Accelerate Growth

In this episode, we speak with Chantel Broten, President of Jan Kelley Marketing, about the exponential changes in the marketing industry.

Chantel Broten is the president of Jan Kelley Marketing – an award winning performance digital and experience innovation agency.  Established in 1913, Jan Kelley has participated in many transformational changes in marketing but perhaps none more significant than the one we are undergoing today.

Chantel brings years of experience in developing integrated, multi-channel communication programs that drive results. She is a gifted brand strategist and facilitator who knows how to find the key insight that will transform organizations and drive the delivery of a powerful brand experience.
She has spearheaded the development of campaigns for clients such as GO Transit, Sobeys, Petro-Canada and EDC (Export Development Canada) – to name a few.

Chantel has an MBA in Marketing and Innovation from McMaster University, a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph. She lectures regularly at college and University and is a judge for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.