Crossing the Generational Divide

Curt Steinhorst, a powerful and entertaining keynote speaker and researcher at The Center for Generational Kinetics, speaks about the 5 different generations that are currently in the workforce, and what CEOs can do to be inspiring leaders to this diverse talent pool.

Curt, a millennial himself, has received standing ovations for his powerful delivery that combines The Center’s latest research and how-to with his unique experience working with clients around the world. His entertaining speaking style has engaged and inspired audiences across North America and Europe.

Curt’s personal experiences leading Millennials and serving as a speaking coach for top performers, from executives and TV personalities to helping the Heisman Trophy Winner prepare for his speech, make him a powerful and entertaining speaker on how to solve generational challenges with employees and customers.

About The Center for Generational Kinetics:
The Center for Generational Kinetics is the #1 Millennials, Gen Z and generations research, speaking, and consulting firm. The Center’s team have repositioned global brands to win every generation, advised companies on multi-billion-dollar acquisitions, and taken clients from last to first in employee retention.