CEO Best Practices for Mental Health

Sarah Liverance, Partner and lead Engagement Champion at Sklar Wilton and Associates, shares her company’s journey with mental health, and identifies some key indicators to watch for and actions to take for both leaders and co-workers to support themselves and their fellow employees. The experience at Sklar Wilton led them to create Headway, a movement to promote and support healthy minds at work, with on-line resources and implementation guides to help other workplaces start the conversation about mental health.

Sklar Wilton is Canada’s leading strategy and insights advisory firm helping CEOs, CMOs and marketing teams solve tough business challenges to unlock growth and build stronger brands.

Sarah focuses on the internal management of the company which includes people development initiatives and the financial health and smooth operations of the firm. She firmly believes that healthy whole employees are critical to business success and nd early this year she led her Sklar Wilton team in the launch of Headway a movement to help companies embrace the best mental health practices.

Sarah has served as an officer in the US Air Force designing computer systems for next generation surveillance satellites. While serving in the Air Force, Sarah completed her MBA and that launched her marketing career which started at Kraft Foods in the USA and Canada. She has strong family ties in the US but is now a proud Canadian.

Sklar Wilton – Headway program