What Business Owners Do to Achieve their Growth Goals

Learn how ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) can support business owners to grow and/or transition your business.

Mike Fenton is President & CEO of ACG TORONTO – also known as The Association for Corporate Growth.   ACG is the largest global association for the Private Equity and Mergers and Acquisitions industry, and comprises 57 chapters in North America and Europe; with more than 14,000 members. ACG Toronto is the largest international chapter and has been operating since 1971. Mike has previously held executive roles in the private-sector and Not-for-profit industries working in the Healthcare, Education, Sports Marketing and Communication sectors.

Darin Brock is Managing Director, Head of Business Development at TorQuest.  He leads the business development, investment sourcing activities for the firm and partners with CEOs and other senior leaders in understanding and developing strategies to facilitate both top line revenue and bottom line profitability growth.  TorQuest partners with middle market business owners, founders and their management teams by applying capital to take their business to the next level, faster.  Darin also serves as Chairman for ACG Toronto.