Relay Transition Partners


Relay Transition Partners is dedicated to the sale of small and medium businesses in Canada (SMBs). Our partners understand the intricacies of this market, and match the passion, effort, and skill of the entrepreneurs that have built and managed these companies. The work to prepare and market an SMB can often differ as compared to larger companies. Similarly, the universe of buyers for such businesses, and their process to assess and negotiate transactions, can shape the sale process in unique ways. Being 100% focused on this part of the market allows our partners to develop a very deep understanding of the methods to prepare these companies to be presented to potential buyers.

Relay builds on the experience and infrastructure of Fort Capital Partners, one of Canada’s leading investment banks serving middle market and large companies with offices and professionals in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Learn more about Fort Capital at Working together in a coordinated fashion, Relay and Fort Capital are set to effectively assess opportunities and bring the right team of professionals to the sale of any business based in Canada, marketed to buyers based domestically, cross-border and around the world.