MacKay Lifetime Member Award Recipient: Paul McCullough, Interim President & Chief Executive Officer of BCIT

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Paul McCullough, who has been honoured with the prestigious MacKay Lifetime Member award. This recognition is a testament to his outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to our community. Paul McCullough is currently serving as the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of BCIT, Canada’s premier polytechnic institution. With its five campuses and an annual enrollment of approximately 50,000 students, BCIT is renowned for providing high-quality education and contributing to the strategic workforce development of the province.

Throughout his career, Paul has held progressive senior executive roles in both the private sector and the post-secondary education system. He is a staunch advocate for accessible education that empowers individuals and contributes to the economic prosperity of the region. Paul’s commitment to fostering innovation and championing high-quality education has earned him a reputation as a respected leader in his field.

Paul is known for his ability to drive successful transformational change initiatives, and his leadership style is rooted in embracing bold ideas and promoting creativity. His track record includes significant accomplishments during his tenure with internationally recognized organizations such as Unilever, HSBC, and KPMG, where he served as a principal. Throughout his more than 12 years at KPMG, Paul provided strategic guidance to a global client base, showcasing his expertise as a trusted advisor in areas such as corporate sustainability and governance.

In addition, we are excited to commemorate our fruitful partnership with BCIT, which has spanned an impressive six years. The strong connection between BCIT alumni and MacKay members has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant and supportive community. It is remarkable to see the long list of MacKay members who are BCIT alumni, showcasing the deep bonds and shared values that exist between these two esteemed organizations.

Paul McCullough’s induction into the exclusive circle of MacKay Lifetime Members marks a significant milestone. He joins the esteemed ranks alongside George Melville, Owner of Melville Global Investments, as the only other recipient of this recognition. 

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements and reflect on our enduring partnership with BCIT, we are reminded of the strength and power of collaboration within our network. Together, we continue to build a thriving community where exceptional individuals like Paul McCullough and George Melville inspire and empower each other to reach new heights.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Paul McCullough on his MacKay Lifetime Member award, express our gratitude to BCIT for their ongoing partnership, and look forward to many more years of shared success and growth.