‘How business can be a force for good’, By Nancy MacKay & David Redfern 

In a compelling article,  Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, and David Redfern, CEO Eastern Canada of Lararge, underscore the growing importance of social purpose in business. “Once a quarter of Canadian businesses are leading with purpose, the momentum for business being a force for good will be unstoppable.” The research indicates a surge in consumer preference for brands supporting causes, emphasizing the link between purpose-driven organizations and long-term success. The article also highlights the financial outperformance of purposeful businesses and the evolving role of companies in addressing societal challenges.

The Canadian Purpose Economy Project envisions 25% of businesses adopting social purpose by 2030. The message is clear: embracing social purpose is not just a moral choice but a strategic imperative, aligning with evolving expectations from customers, employees, and investors.

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