Tim Magwood

Tim is a creative, collaborative and passionate leader who works with CEOs & Executive teams in the areas of strategy, purpose, culture & leadership. Once described as a “lightening rod in driving positive change”, Tim has the mind of an entrepreneur, the heart of a coach & storyteller and the soul of a singer/songwriter. As a seasoned facilitator, coach and advisor, Tim believes strongly in the transformational power of CEO peer learning and support.

Before entering the business world, Tim delighted audiences in professional stage productions such as Les Miserables and Fiddler on the Roof. His training as a professional performer now enables him to create customized client experiences with the clients as the “stars of the show.”

In 2000, Tim founded Fusion Learning, and over the following decade turned his passion for facilitation & coaching into the largest & fastest growing private training firm in Canada. Tim sold Fusion to internal team members in 2012, and decided to re-engage in his theatre roots to become a Master Storyteller & Partner with The Mark of a Leader.  Combining his passion, leadership skill and experience to bring workshops and conferences to life through leadership stories & unique activities, he inspires leaders to drive performance.

Currently, Tim works with 3 partners to serve the growing engagement challenge in workplaces. Together they formed 1-degree, a vision & values driven organization whose purpose is to inspire & equip organizations with the agility to transform.

Outside of work, Tim enjoys quality time with his wife and 3 kids and fueling his passion for music, recently releasing his third album “Scorpio Soul”. He continues to serve and give back to his community, both through his work with Trinity College School, his alma matter, and as a Board member with Camp Lake Scugog to help send high need kids to Summer camp.