Richard Boyer

With more than 25 years in C-suite leadership positions (CEO and CFO) in both private and public companies in a variety of industries, Richard is uniquely positioned to provide hands-on consulting and coaching to help businesses close performance gaps and accelerate their rate of revenue growth. He gives owners and executives practical and actionable tools and helps them raise and/or reorganize their capital structure.

As CEO for XCel Advisory Group, a professional services firm that serves the small and midmarket business sector in the interior of BC, Richard’s work involves facilitating the analysis of existing strategies and practices, identifying areas for improvement and developing innovative strategies related to the client’s business goals.

Richard is also an accomplished Gazelles International Scaling Up business coach and has worked with many small and medium-sized businesses’ senior leadership teams. His clients appreciate his innate ability to focus on where their business is truly profitable and how to grow by directly engaging with them in formulating and implementing business best practices and strategic business plans.

Richard is passionate about helping others – whether family, friend, not-for-profit organization or business colleague, Richard is always available to lend a hand.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys cooking for friends and family and exploring the vast Okanagan wine industry.