Paul McCullough

Paul McCullough brings a wealth of expertise from his distinguished career, most recently serving as the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of BCIT, Canada’s premier polytechnic institution. With a student body of approximately 50,000 and a commitment to strategic workforce development, BCIT has fostered deep ties with MacKay, as many of its graduates are active members.

Throughout his career, Paul has held progressive senior executive roles in both the private sector and the post-secondary education system. He is a dedicated advocate for accessible education that empowers individuals and bolsters regional economic prosperity. Paul’s reputation as a respected leader in the field is grounded in his dedication to innovation and his championing of high-quality education.

Paul is renowned for his ability to drive successful transformational change initiatives, guided by a leadership style that encourages bold ideas and fosters creativity. His impressive track record includes achievements during his tenure with globally recognized organizations such as Unilever, HSBC, and KPMG, where he served as a principal. Over his more than 12 years at KPMG, Paul provided strategic guidance to a diverse global client base, solidifying his reputation as a trusted advisor in areas such as corporate sustainability and governance.