Nico Human

Nico is a retired CEO, and a results-driven facilitator, advisor, coach and speaker with a passion for team-building. Through his practice, he works with leaders to improve their leadership skills, maximize teamwork and achieve outstanding results, whilst finding meaning in what they do.

Nico leads inspiring work interventions with titles such as “Unstoppable Leader”, “Dream Team”, “Trust Culture” and “Game Changer” for groups big and small. He coaches one-on-one in person, on video or on the phone.

In his 30+-year business career, Nico has won several awards on two continents, receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013. Nico even has a sense of humour and is a Certified (Certifiable?) Laughter Leader! His groups enjoy a fun time, whilst being kept firmly/lovingly on-target.

Nico lives with his wife Estelle in New Westminster on the Quay. They love visiting with their two pairs of married kids and two obviously gifted grandkids. He enjoys triathlons, CrossFit, long distance cycling and singing in his church’s mass choir. He loves his varied life and inspiring those he gets to work with!