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Lower Mainland, British Columbia

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Meet Nico Human

Master Certified Forum Chair
Lower Mainland, British Columbia

Most people find his accent endearing and his manner personable. His MacKay members—more than 50 at any time, spread over five groups—agree that Nico creates a fun-filled, safe and confidential space.  They can be vulnerable and brave, and yet get challenged to continuously grow. They appreciate the practical tools and tips he brings from his longstanding MacKay experience (both as member and chair) and his EOS® practice.

Nico models time mastery, an area that he teaches. He employs a friendly-but-direct approach to encourage members to make robust growth commitment to their colleagues. No-one gets away without bringing a solid issue, and leaving without robust commitments every meeting!

He has served business leaders in South Africa and Canada for more than 30 years. His purpose is to help them find what they want from their business: the highest quality, of a life filled with joy! It is no coincidence that his first book is called “Joy Farming”!

He started working with Nancy MacKay 25 years ago. As a newbie CEO in Canada, she was his first coach. Then, once established in this role, he was invited to join a MacKay CEO forum group as the non-profit member. After a few years, Nancy invited him to found some MacKay forums, three of which he chaired for several years.

When one of his coaching clients contracted him as CEO to merge three companies, it allowed him to become a MacKay member again, this time as a regular, paying member. Once the businesses were successfully merged and the contract over, Nancy invited him to chair some forum groups again. Today, that has grown to five groups: three for CEOs and two for Executives.

Nico is also a Professional EOS® implementer, maintaining a maximum of 10 clients, a certified co-active coach, facilitator and author. He has been married to his university sweetheart Estelle for more than 40 years.

Both their kids are married and live in Mission, an hour away from their home on the Quay in New Westminster, BC. They have been blessed with three grandchildren, with the youngest named after his grandpa. So there are actually two fellas with the name Nico Human around! An old one and a young one. The story continues.

Nico 's Group Overview

There is a wide diversity in the three CEO and two Executive Forums Nico chairs. Diversity in industry, in size of operation, and in the demographics and psychographics of members. He is constantly working to optimally place the member to be surrounded by non-compete fellow members, who are in a similar place on their journey of leadership, and in the size of their operation, but diverse enough so that every issue brought to the table gets input from a variety of perspectives. This is very powerful. Often the novel and most effective idea comes from the most unexpected angle. Often the fun lies in looking at your problem from an angle that you never would have considered without this diversity around you.

Group Member Overview

Nico leads and mentors several Forum Groups of executives and CEOs to help them resolve their biggest challenges.


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Meeting Location

Meeting Locations

Each of Nico’s groups meets seven times per year. Every member hosts the meeting at their preferred location in and around the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley in British Columbia.



The collective group will be able to provide valuable insights as to future outcomes.


A valuable platform for creating a collective narrative that strengthens connections and promotes a sense of community.


Members find a supportive community that offers insights, understanding and creates a valuable network for navigating challenges and fostering personal growth.


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