Natalie Michael

Natalie is a forum chair, executive coach, and succession management consultant who works with CEOs and Executives to develop leadership potential. She is passionate about supporting executives to walk the talk and create socially responsible, high quality businesses, and she believes personal fulfillment guides the path to success. One of her strengths is connecting people in the community who have shared goals.

Over the last decade, Natalie has coached hundreds of leaders, facilitated world class leadership development programs, and she chairs multiple CEO groups.

Natalie is a Partner for Waterfront Partners, a coaching and advisory firm focused on C-Suite Transitions and Succession Planning.  She is also the co-author of Your CEO Succession Playbook:  How to Pass the Torch so Everyone Wins, and author of The Duck and The Butterfly:  Coaching Questions for Leaders at Work – both available on Amazon. As a volunteer, she managed nominations for the BC CEO Awards for two years. Before this, she was in private practice for a decade providing coaching and succession advisory services for companies ranging from $5M to $3B.

Natalie has a Masters in Organizational Leadership and a degree in Psychology, and she is certified in multiple coaching programs (Coactive, Behavioural Coaching, and Evidence Based).

Natalie enjoys quiet time on her mat, family, travel, fitness, deep conversations with friends, and that sweet spot where psychology and business meet.