Michael Ehling

Michael’s clients started or joined their organizations for the fun, freedom, finances, and future. It all went really well. But then, the worst thing happened: they were really successful! And the ways that had got them there couldn’t get them further. Wheels started spinning, frustration and burnout grew, drama began to distract people. As a trusted coach, co-pilot, and partner, Michael helps senior leaders and their teams go deep, leverage their strengths, and work closely together to grow healthy, enduring, and rewarding businesses.

Since 1999, Michael has worked across sectors & industries. He helps organizations of all sizes. He quickly learns how companies work, separates the symptoms and sources, sorts through options to find best path, and helps people see their own and each others’ strengths, potential, and humanity. With energy, humour, practical thinking, and systems focus, he helps leaders and their teams become solution finders. He is certified to use several organizational and personal assessment tools.

Michael is a life-long student of leadership, success, meaning, and good life. His vision is a world where people replace fear and focus on problems with joy and focus on solutions. Prior to launching his own business, Michael honed his professional skills in consulting, sales, marketing, and engineering.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys archery, cycling, cross-country skiing, camping, studying science and philosophy, tinkering, and hanging out with his wife, two adult sons, and friends, and it’s even better when we can make a meal together.