Dean Michelin

As a highly regarded leader in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology and data delivery industries, Dean has spent several decades in various capacities as a mentor and trusted advisor for colleagues and clients alike. He was very fortunate to have been mentored by great leaders and it is his pleasure to give back to as many people as possible.

Dean was inducted into the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame in 2009 in recognition of the mentoring and coaching that he has consistently provided as a C-Suite Leader and Leadership Team member across a variety of companies.

Dean’s passion is innovation and the people and processes that are required to successfully invent and deliver disruptive innovation that provides a competitive advantage and sustainable growth. To that end, he has extensive experience in developing and facilitating strategic planning sessions along with his strategic thinking course.

Dean is also passionate about culture and the benefits derived from having a well-crafted and well implemented culture at the center of strategy. Dean has also been an enthusiastic speaker in venues ranging from University MBA classes to global and national healthcare and technology conferences.

In his best efforts to keep up with current and future best practices in leadership, culture “management”, and strategic excellence, Dean is thrilled to be a certified Culture Coach with the Waterstone Culture Institute and a MacKay CEO Forum “trusted advisor” Chair where he can facilitate and learn from the very best.

Dean and his wife Liz live in Halifax and love to escape to their cottage in Cape Breton to sail, hike, bike, golf and relax by the campfire. Dean’s life is completely fulfilled with his amazing 3 grown-up “children” and 5 energetic grandkids.