Colin Cox

Colin is deeply passionate about helping people and organizations move forward. He coaches CEOs and executives, helps leadership teams level up their performance, and runs workshops and speaking engagements on topics such as leadership, productivity, high performing teams, and ownership mentality.

Productivity is one of Colin’s key focus areas. He has been coaching the executive suite and leaders across all levels of management on productivity for over 10 years, including one-to-one coaching, group workshops and speaking engagements. Colin has coached/trained over 500 people during
this time.

Colin has over 25 years of experience in corporations, including seven years in the executive suite as Chief Operating Officer for Demonware, the online studio for Activision. Colin has worked in Canada, the UK, and Ireland, and holds an MBA from the Open University in the UK.

He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and three rambunctious boys.